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  • Demolition Contracts
  • e-Waste and Technology Recycling
  • Scrap Metal Recycling
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Green Heaven Metal Sdn Bhd is a privately held independent scrap metal recycling company. Our mission has always been to provide our various customer bases with the best service and the right pricing in order to generate long-term relationships.

“We focus on sustainability.”

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Demolition Contracts

Our dedicated demolition team uses state of the art technology and tools to offer safe and professional demolition service for factory/warehouse, multi-storey building, bungalows and etc. We also ensure that all rubbish/ debris disposals are DOE environmental compliance.

e-Waste and Technology Recycling

For over 10 years, we’ve helped businesses with their IT waste disposal and e-waste recycling solutions. We also offer data destruction services, protecting your business and the environment. We simplify the disposal of servers, UPS, networking and computer devices.
Waste from electrical and electronic assemblies containing components such as accumulators, mercury-switches, glass from cathode-ray tubes and other activated glass or polychlorinated biphenyl-capacitors, or contaminated with cadmium, mercury, lead, nickel, chromium, copper, lithium, silver, manganese or polychlorinated biphenyl.

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