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About Us

Today our business has evolved and streamlined and we are a quality provider of building demolition, site clearance and factory dismantling services throughout Malaysia. We buy, sell and recycle all types of metal scrap, steel or wooden building structure and machineries. We also recycle other non-ferrous items such as electric motors, power cables, switch boards and transformers.

Our Values

A Passion for Technology

Green Heaven Metal Sdn Bhd believes in the courage to explore new horizons by adopting powerful new technological solutions.


Our goal is to constantly strive to set the industry standard in providing services that aims at zero error functioning.


We believe in creating an environment of openness and transparency in all business interactions.


We believe that "Teamwork" is the fuel that allows common people to achieve uncommon results.

Lasting Relationship

We realize that cultivating and maintaining relationships in fundamental to our success be it with our customers or our dealers.

Our Missions

Get out into the market, listen, observe and learn

Act with urgency and remain responsive to change

To create value and make a difference in our environment

To create a happy working environment for our employees

Profitable growth through superior customer service innovation quality and commitment

Money earned from the sale of recyclable materials can benefit the individual recycler or help communities and companies offset operating costs. Recycling even allows some communities to reduce waste disposal costs.

Recycling involves collecting, sorting and processing waste material and remanufacturing them into new products. Today, much of the aluminum, glass, paper and steel used in packaging is already recycled. Half the nation's aluminum cans are made from recycled aluminum, with one-quarter of the raw fibers used in the paper industry made from recycled paper products. Glass and steel containers can be recycled again and again.

The recycling of aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, glass, newspapers and certain plastics is a growing industry. Glass containers, office paper, laundry detergent bottles, steel cans, paper packaging, cardboard boxes and aluminum cans are easily recyclable materials that get thrown away every day. Recyclables kept separate from your household waste can be collected at recycling programs. Collected materials are further sorted and processed for sale to manufacturers.

Society's energy consumption is also reduced by recycling. For example, it requires less energy to make a new glass bottle from a recycled one because recycled glass melts at a lower temperature than the raw materials. Recycling also prolongs the life of the equipment used to create glass products. Similarly, making aluminum cans from recycled aluminum uses a fraction of the energy needed to make them from bauxite ore.

We at Green Heaven Metal Sdn Bhd understand the above and our strength and success are directly related to our focus on sustainability. We have worked hard over the years to integrate that focus into every layer of our culture.

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Lot 1090, Lorong Haji Musran,
Rantau Panjang, Klang

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